Caraneal Yorkshire Terriers
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CH. Caraneal's Targa

Name: Targa (Multiple Best in Specialty Show Winner)

Ch. Caraneal's Targa

CH. Jentre's Charger of Mistangay AM/CAN Clarkwyn Jubilee Eagle CH. Clarkwyn Nipsey Doodle CH. Clarkwyn Johnny Co Co
CH. Clarkwyn Dreany Doll
CH. Clarkwyn's Fanciful Sue

AM/CAN Toy Clown of Rusklyn

CH. Clarkwyn Saucy Sue

Jentre's Robina

CH. Wenscoe's Zipperde Du Dah

CH. Wenscoe's Whizzaway of Tzumiao
Lickley Heads Windy Wendy
Jentre's Gypsy of Wenscoe CH. Clarkwyn Jubilee Eagle
Wenscoe's Daisy Mae
Caraneal's Porsche CH. Clarkwyn Honeyson Clarkwyn Ulysses Two CH. Clarkwyn Billie Boy
CH. Clarkwyn Fanciful Sue
Clarkwyn Honey Bee CH. Clarkwyn Nuzzle Me
Clarkwyn Miss Molly O
Caraneal's Toot Toot Tootsie CH. Trivar's Friar Tuck CH. Yorksmith's Fosdick of Mayfair
Trivar's Contessa
Georgette's Wee Rag A Muffin CH. Trivar's Tycoon
Schieux Skampy

Ch. Caraneal's Targa

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