Caraneal Yorkshire Terriers
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Ch. Caraneal's Believe It Or Not

Name: Ripley

Caraneal's Believe It Or Not

CH. Tip Top I Believe I Can Fly CH. Elite Primtime Live AMN/CAN Elite' Loving Touch ROM CAN Pastoral Johnny Handsome ROM
CH. Yorkboror A Touch Too Much
CH. Elite's Too Too Much ROM CH. Elite Keep My Memory
Elite A Touch Too Much
Tip Top Frankly My Dear CH. Tip Top Come Fly With Me CH. Elite keep My Memory
Thomas' Autumn Leaf of Robtell
CH. Elite Right On To Tip Top CH. Pastoral Head Over Heels ROM
CH. Tyava's Who's The Boss
CH. Caraneal's High Society CH. Caraneal's High Ambition AM/CAN Durrer's High Falutin AM/CAN Durrer's Ace High
CAN Durrer's Whistle Bait
CH. Caraneal's Guilty As Charged CH. Caraneal's Charged And Ready
Caraneal's Shall Be Blue
CH. Caraneal's Educating Rita CH. Caraneal's Already Ready CH. Caraneal's Charged And Ready
CH. Robtell Britney At Caraneal
Caraneal's Steele Magnolia CH. Robtell Remington Steele
CH. Robtell Aynsley At Caraneal