Caraneal Yorkshire Terriers
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When you commit to sharing your life with a puppy, it is a long term commitment, hopefully lasting 12 to 15 years. 

So it's important that you don't rush the decision, but take your time doing your research and choosing a breeder with whom you feel comfortable.

How do you know if you are working with a good breeder?

Unfortunately, too many people are attracted by puppies in pet shops or advertised in the local paper, or even on the internet where photo after photo feature puppies for sale.  We do not recommend a purchase from these sources. You will never find one of our puppies in a pet shop.

All reputable breeders have an established kennel name (called an 'affix') as a means of identifying them and their dogs. Our affix, Caraneal, is on every dog we have bred and all of our puppies can be registered with the A.K.C. whether they are pet or show quality. You will see a number of A.K.C. champions in our pedigrees. That leads to a higher degree of predictability in the conformation and temperament of our puppies.

Our puppies are raised in our home as part of the family. We do not let our puppies leave home until they are at least 12 weeks old.  They need this time to fully mature to the point where they are better able to cope with leaving their mother and siblings.  As we are closely observing them throughout the first few weeks of their lives we are able to determine their different characters and personalities.  This helps us to make the best choice for each family that wants to adopt a puppy.

All puppies we sell have a health guarantee and must be spayed or neutered. Registration papers will be provided upon proof of spaying or neutering.  Puppies are current on all vaccines and worming.

We will happily provide support by telephone and written material so that you are well prepared when your new puppy arrives.

We will invite you to visit our home and meet our Yorkie family.  Most people find this to be the best part because not only do they meet their new puppy and siblings but also, the dam and sometimes the sire.  This will give you a better idea what to expect when your puppy matures.

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