Caraneal Yorkshire Terriers
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Puppy Application Form

Although we do not have many litters, we do occasionally have puppies available to suitable homes. 

Our primary purpose in producing a litter is to breed for health and genetic improvement in every generation; moving as close as we can to the breed ideal and emphasizing the traits we have bred into our own lines.

To this end we have devoted many years to the study of our breed and the pedigrees and bloodlines of the most influential dogs.  We are also members of the national breed club and regional affiliates, and regularly compete in shows with other breeders to check our progress.

Of course, every puppy in a litter is not necessarily a show prospect or one that offers an improvement to our existing line.  In those cases, we look for a caring home to adopt the puppy.  As responsible owners and breeders, we have to be very certain that our puppies are going to fit well with the families who offer them a 'forever' home.  This means matching temperament and personalities as well as ensuring that the adopting family understands all the implications of selecting and caring for a new companion.

To assist in determining the right match for our puppies, we ask that people interested in being considered as a new home provide us with details about their search for a new companion, and we have an application form that helps us to do that.

If you would like to complete the form, you should click on the link below and submit your details.  We will respond as quickly as possible.

Puppy Application Form