Caraneal Yorkshire Terriers
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History of the Breed

As is the case with many purebred dogs of ancient lineage, the actual origins are obscured in the mists of time.  There are many theories of how the Yorkshire Terrier evolved, and the only thing that is certain is that they came from the county of Yorkshire, in Northern England.

Yorkshire Terrier

How they got there is subject to debate, but a popular version has them descending from a Scottish Terrier.  The breed was originally known as the "Broken Haired Scotch Terrier" until it was given it's current name in 1874.

In its early form, the breed was much larger than the modern version, and was used by the miners and mill workers in Northern England for catching rats.

From these early beginnings in England, the breed's popularity has now spread throughout the world.

The history of the breed in North America is well documented, having first appeared in the 1870s.

From the early days of the first American champion, Bradford Harry (a descendant of the British champion Huddersfield Ben) to the winning dogs of today, many of today's champions can trace their heritage directly back to Huddersfield Ben.