Caraneal Yorkshire Terriers
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Male vs Female

One of the most important questions in choosing a puppy is the gender: male vs female?  But before you decide on a male vs female  puppy, you should first choose your breeder. You want someone who really knows the breed and can be there for you if you have any questions during the life of your dog. When deciding what sex you want in a puppy you should keep an open mind. My experience is that nine times out of ten the buyer wants a female. Yorkies usually have small litters of 2 to 3 puppies. If there is only one female and it looks promising for the show ring, the breeder will most likely keep it for show and possible future breeding. This is why females may be scarce and, if available, generally cost more than males.

Why is it that most folks want a female? If it’s because they think females are easier to housebreak or because males lift their leg on furniture I would warn that these are truly myths. Yorkies in general are a breed that is hard to housebreak regardless of their sex. It’s really a case of the new owner not having the time or patience to get the job done. It’s important to establish routines right away and stick to them. Did you know some dominant bitches will lift their leg just like a male?

male vs female

To me, males are truly the sweeter of the two sexes. When someone asks about the difference I always respond, "Girls love you, but boys are in love with you". Males are easier to deal with if you are having difficulty maintaining the set routines if you are away at work for an extended part of the day and cannot attend to your dog’s needs. With a male, you can at least put a diaper on them while you are trying to get them housebroken. It is a great fall back during the process and it’s quite easy to do. It is very hard to keep a diaper on a female. (See the picture of a diapered male). All my boys wear diapers in my house and it keeps them from actually marking on the furniture. Many of my fellow breeder friends follow this same practice.

Another statement we often hear from puppy buyers is, "I don't want a show dog". Does that mean they don’t care what the dog looks like, or are they thinking if it is a show dog it will cost a lot more? Our prices are very competitive. A buyer can expect to pay $1200 - $1800 for a male and $1500- $2500 for a female. The price is mostly determined by how big the puppy will be at maturity. The smaller are more popular and command a premium in price.

Another good reason to contact someone like me is that I can help you to decide on a male vs female puppy and, if I do not currently have what you are looking for, I can refer you to friends who are also quality breeders.

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